Krupky District Historical and Regional Studies Museum

The museum was founded on 26 May 1995. The new museum building was opened on 30 June 2004. The mission of the museum is to restore, to preserve and to study the history and national heritage of Krupki Land. The museum includes the halls: ecological, archaeological, military, modern, and the exhibition hall. Today, the museum has 34 collections of artefacts. The Alley of the Heroes was opened on 3 July 2010. The main museum fund includes 6,391 items and the research additional fund contains 2,068 items. The most interesting exposition of the museum is "The Bonistics" and the collection of ancient icons. The collection of paintings has a number of great works by the professional artists B.Arakcheyev, A.Ksendzov and others. Another valuable collection is "Archaeology" with the treasure of bronze bracelets (the 5th-7th centuries), the thread of beads from the headdress of the "voynaga" wreath (the 6th - 7th centuries). It has designed a program for pre-school institutions, called "My Homeland". It also provides tours to the places of interest around the town and district, and continues developing the contacts with the international Center of the Rerich. On 6 May 2005, the museum opeтув up an art gallery, which became a branch.
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